Important Considerations to Make When Choosing the Best International Schools in India


At the age of five or six, children need to be admitted to schools. This is a time when their minds are fertile and they absorb and learn from things around. That is why as a parent you need to make the right decisions, and for that we would like to share with you information on how to choose the right international schools in India to get your child admitted into.

Should it be international schools in Tamil Nadu or a public one?

What’s the difference you may ask? Well, schools that are funded by the state would be run and funded solely by the government. They prefer and accept children who fall within their zone for schooling. Education here is either free or subsidised to a large extent. However, such schools may or may not ask you for a donation when enrolling your kids.  This donation goes towards the schools activities, study materials and other events meant for your kids. In any international school in TamilNadu such donations are unheard of. The donations are voluntary and not a mandate in both, the public and international schools in India.

Who controls international schools?

The International Schools in India are not controlled by the government, across the country. However, the schools would need to meet certain regulations and standards, in order to get registrations as a deemed school. There is an independent board which governs the activities of such schools, even the Cambridge syllabus Chennai is looked into by the independent board. In all international schools, it would be the donations and school fees from students and their parents that fund their services. The quality of education here is very high and facilities are state of the art too.

The Cambridge Syllabus Chennai is also known internationally as integrated schools, which are private by are registered under the same clauses as that of the state school board. Most of them teach Cambridge syllabus in Chennai and have their own characteristics to maintain.

What we would like you to do is to check with the international schools in India and find out what best they could offer your children, before you enroll your kids with them. Here are some of the questions that you can ponder on.

  1. What are the benefits of enrolling your children with one of the best international schools in TamilNadu?
  2. What have your child’s friends to say about the International Schools in Tamilnadu they study in?
  3. As a parent have you taken time to check the syllabus they follow, the methodology of teaching and the subjects being taught?
  4. Is your child comfortable joining such a school?
  5. How far is the school from your home? Would your child bear the travel time every day?
  6. Is the school a co-ed or a single sex one?
  7. What about the co-curricular activities?
  8. Qualifications of the staff and the team, have you checked on that?
  9. Can you afford the school fees?
  10. Is it a religious based or a secular school?

These are important considerations along with the Cambridge syllabus Chennai, to make when you choose one of the international schools in India.


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